What Exactly Sugar Daddy Wants From Poor Sugar Baby

If you are a prospective sugar baby who wants to score with a rich sugar daddy, there are some things you need to keep in mind and follow in order to win his favor. Here are some things that you might be interested in if you are into a sugar baby dating app.

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If you expect a sugar daddy love sugar baby, you should commit to an online identity and also zero in on what you want to portray yourself as to a prospective sugar daddy. A sugar daddy dating younger girl will want her to be fun and exciting to be with at his chosen times. You should highlight your most desirable traits and make sure they get noticed. You need not commit to a role but there’s a definite need to curate yourself to the one you find most comfortable. You cannot be one person online and then show up on a first date with a completely different projection of yourself. Sugar daddies are very able in sniffing out phonies and it’s of no use to you to put up an act.

A sugar daddy will require you to meet his specific needs at the times he sees fit. You will probably not see it in the initial phases of dating but he’ll spell out his needs sooner or later. If you are a modest young girl who happens to be beautiful, it’s well worth the time and effort spent. This is because you will be rewarded by your sugar daddy if you are nice and accommodating with him. There have been countless cases where sugar daddies have funded their sugar baby’s college education, which as we all know can be quite expensive. On your part, before selecting your sugar daddy, you also have to go through a lot of profiles before you find the ones that suit your purposes.

Most successful men choose their sugar babies because they have little time for subtleties and they place a great deal of emphasis on efficiency. They do not like wasting time, and hence, sugar babies are best advised to be straightforward with them.  A sugar baby should not be afraid to ask questions and try to figure out if a sugar daddy’s intentions and approach match theirs. A sugar baby, as a rule, should spell out early on what it is she desires for her troubles, be it a gift and shopping sprees, help with tuition and allowance, vacations, housing, credit card payments and other things.

Sugar babies should not get complacent about the way they look and dress, ever. Rich and successful sugar daddies have arrangements with them to go to high profile events and they cannot afford to be embarrassed by a poorly dressed companion. A sugar baby needs to be at her most elegant and pleasing self at all times. Their goal should always be to be a top-notch companion, one whom with it feels great to hang out with.

There have been many sugar babies who have slacked off and not shown up for important appointments. Trust me; it’s a really bad idea. Not only will the sugar daddy feel stood up, but he may actually be cross enough to call it quits with his sugar baby. A sugar baby, above all, has to be flexible with her schedule.

So there you have it, some of the most vital things a sugar baby should know and imbibe if she wants to be successful in landing a rich and influential sugar daddy and most importantly, keep him.

What Exactly Sugar Daddy Wants From Poor Sugar Baby
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Sudy Android App Review

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over rating 4.6 Are you looking for a place to find the best sugar daddies – handsome, well settled, millionaires and successful? Sudy app is one of the best platforms to find perfect sugar daddy who are rich and successful and looking for young, beautiful and charismatic sugar babies to pamper, support and fulfil financially everything in return for casual or serious relationship. It is one of the best sugar daddy apps with millions of sugar daddy or babies to make the match with. Well, the website is not only for sugar daddy but there are many sugar mommies as well looking for relationship in return of taking care of sugar babies financially.

Most of the sugar babies on the sugar daddy app are aspiring models, actresses, college students, mostly struggling with their career and seeking some support. The gorgeous girls are looking for a man who can take care of them, pamper them like princess and in return treat them like King. It is a great platform for lovelorn sugar daddies and mommies who have money, success, fame and excellent careers but not a companion to take care of, to share love and build a relationship.


The sugar daddy app Android is user friendly and very easy way to find someone rich and well settled to connect with. The features of the app make it unique and one of the best Android based dating app for rich, successful singles wanting to meet beautiful, strugglers.

  1. Millions of profiles – The app has nearly 2 million of profile – both successful & rich and beautiful and seeking a rich partner.
  2. Customize search – If you are looking for sugar daddy dating nearby, instantly find one through filtering options. Add advanced filter search and find people who meet the criteria and kind you are looking for.
  3. Free chat – Get yourself verified as sugar daddy or sugar baby and start chatting absolutely for free without any premium upgrade.
  4. Break the ice – Share your daily life and activities; know about each other and life moments to break the ice.
  5. Verified member – The sugar daddy dating app verifies the member accounts and ensures their photo and income is authentic to prevent creation of fake profiles.
  6. Income shown – The app is about finding rich, successful and well settled sugar daddies who love to pamper their sugar babies. The income of the millionaires is shown and individuals on the dating app have an average net income of around $ 200K.
  7. Swipe to pass or like – If you like someone simply swipe right and if you don’t, swipe left. If both of you swiped right, it is a match and perhaps you can take things forward.

Customer Service

The dating app is known for its good customer service and instant feedbacks can be given for anything the user finds not appropriate. In an attempt to provide excellent service, all the profiles are verified and checked for their authenticity of the information provided. The sugar daddy app reviews in terms of customer service is great and most of the users are happy with the level of customer satisfaction.

Active Members

Sudy is sugar daddy app free for log-in and sign-up but is specific for purpose. The primary members or active members of this app are millionaires, rich businessmen, CEO and other highly successful sugar daddy who are seeking for beautiful, attractive and young women to mutual seek benefit. Sugar babies are also active member of Sudy including models, beauty queens, college students, struggling actresses etc. who are looking for wealthy, settled and rich individuals.

There are men looking for beautiful and young women to casually date or start a serious relationship with. Be it older rich men looking for younger beautiful women or hot girls looking for serious, mature and well settled men, it is the right place for all sugar daddies and sugar babies. It has sugar mommies as well who are rich, successful and independent women looking for younger or older boys to date or start relationship. The members are single, independent and looking for casual love, dating, relationship or just companionship.


Anyone can sign up for sugar daddy app free and create profile, get it verified and is eligible for the standard membership. It requires one to fill information and give location access. With the free membership, create profile, upload pictures and browse from millions of profiles to find your sugar daddy or sugar baby. The new members are voted IN by existing members and that mandates using an attractive photo. It is time you sign-up for the dating app that gives you a platform to find people of your choice.

However, although the basic features like creating profile, uploading photos and swiping likes or pass is for free but premium membership gives access to many other features. There are many features that can be accessed with premium plans. The subscription plans and prices are different for sugar daddy and sugar babies.

The 1 month premium plan for sugar babies is $ 9.99 and for sugar daddy, it is $ 59.99. The premium for 3 months for sugar baby is $ 23.99 and for 6 months it is $35.99. The sugar daddy premium for months is around $ 29.99. There are subscription package of Sudy premium of $ 119.99 and $ 179.99 as well. There are coins that can be used for sending gifts and tokens costing $ 2.99 for 50 coins and $ 23.99 for 700 Coins.

Privacy Policy

Maintaining privacy is individual right and the app understands how important a privacy policy is. None of your information that was used in creating the profile is leaked or given to any third party. The app understands your privacy and respects your personal information. All the payments made for upgrade or for premium membership are made through highly secured and SSL encrypted transaction. It is important to maintain the privacy and thus the app has very strict policies to safeguard the personal information provided by the users.


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Sudy Android App Review
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