How to seduce a sugar daddy as a good-looking sugar babe

If you are looking to make it as a successful sugar daddy dating sugar babe, there are some things that you have to pay attention to. There are potentially two ways in which you can get in touch with a sugar daddy. The first and easier way is to use a sugar baby app to get in touch with older men. The best sugar baby app would be the one which has a nice and intuitive layout on which you can peddle yourself to the rich and the powerful with relative ease. The second method is to use your sources and contacts to get into exclusive places which these sugar daddies are known to frequent and attract their attention. It is easier said than done, of course, and here are a few helpful tips that will hopefully tilt the scales in your favor.

sugar babe dating sugar daddy

Know yourself and the battle is half won

The most primary reason that young women want to go for sugar daddies is because they need someone to help fund them through their higher education. And the sugar daddy is well aware of this fact. Whether you admit it or not, the prospect of dating someone who is older to you, and is rich and powerful with a lot of clout is a very attractive proposition indeed.  This is where restraint and composure play a big part. If the sugar daddy sees you as a desperate little thing, he may have a small laugh at your expense, and move on. The trick is to appear attractive and appealing before him, without being overly eager. Practice patience and composure. These are acquired traits and might take a bit of time to pick up, but the results are well worth it, especially if you have the advantage of good looks. Your attitude will be the winning factor when you are finally in the sights of a sugar daddy, and it is nothing but non-stop fun after that as he tries to court you in so many ways. Do not play too hard-to-get or else your sugar daddy will think you are a stuck up little bitch. Have the right amount of restraint and mix it up with a big dose of sensuality.


Once you get attention from the sugar daddy of your dreams, the two of you have to have a serious discussion regarding how you are going to take the relationship further and what the mutual expectation is. Some sugar daddies want exclusivity above all else while others might want to go in for casual dating, which may or may not suit your purpose. All in all, be sure that the two of you have worked out the terms of the arrangement. You may want him to foot your university graduation bills and also have a fixed allowance at the end of the month. On his end, he would expect you to be dressed up for each occasion and a fair deal of action under the bed sheets. I have to add that this arrangement is going to work out better if the two of you have a genuine bond, which is apart from your attraction to his finances. As a sugar babe, be clear in what you want, otherwise, you will have a bit of an overwhelming situation where you have to choose between sugar daddies.

Assertiveness is sexy

A sugar daddy will really appreciate it if you are assertive about what you want from the relationship and if you do not hide anything. You will be dating older men who have a lot more experience about life and your directness will be well appreciated. If you play mind games and pretend to be coy, the sugar daddy will quickly lose interest in you.  A sugar daddy is never in the mood to play games, they value their time very much and you will have to let him know if you are interested in the deal or not, in a pretty straightforward manner. However, being honest about you and not acting desperate are two situations which have a very thin line between them; it takes a good deal of practice to be able to pull this off. If you are calm and confident, it will definitely pay off in the long run. You should also be able to pick up the pieces and move on if you think a particular sugar daddy is not for you.

Be a good actress

Yes, we all know that you are after his money. So does he, but he will not say that to you. The downside of being assertive and direct is that you may come across as abrasive.  Act as if you don’t need him or his money, and he will definitely feel a great deal of attractiveness towards you. Your goal should always be to appear confident and independent, the results will speak for themselves.

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How to seduce a sugar daddy as a good-looking sugar babe
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