How to break up with your sugar baby (10 tips)

sugar baby dating appsChange is mandatory but survival is optional. This saying is very applicable to a sugar baby dating sugar daddy, and with the invasion of many a sugar baby dating app, sugar daddy dating is really taking off. However, remember that if you had secured your arm candy via a sugar baby dating app, things could quickly turn bad, because the two of you are introduced to each other in artificial settings, and naturally, the artificial behavior is the norm. If, at the end of the day, you feel that the relationship is getting to be too much for you to handle, here are 10 ways you can cope with the breakup.

If you are on the receiving side of the breakup, it is okay to let your sad emotions show. It is considered healthy to let grief take its own course when a relationship has ended. Console yourself with the fact that better late than never, and also that there are a lot of other eligible sugar babies out there. And anyway, at the beginning of the relationship, a sugar baby –sugar daddy coalition is a sort of agreement and not really a romantic one at that. It can be called a marriage of conveniences, and hence, you should break it off it gets too inconvenient for you.

You could try to be disgusting to her in order to speed up the breakup process. Gender politics are a sensitive topic and women feel strongly about it, be it your sugar baby or your mother. Try burping, farting, and blowing your nose in public. There are good chances that you can slowly make your sugar baby start despising you for your awful manners. Then again, you could try scratching your bum and then stroke her hair with the same hand, there never was a more potent passion killer than this and the best part is that you don’t have to leave her, she will.

Verbal tics can come in very useful as well. You could ask her in a casual manner if you use a certain word too often in your speech, and regardless of her answer, include that word in the very next sentence! Using it day in and day out, and week after week of it will get her wondering if she’s stuck with a moronic sugar daddy, and chances are high that she will dump you without ceremony.

You can also try to boss her around and crowd her out of your life. Now, this is a fine art and you have to make it look like it’s your natural behavior and not an act. Be extra macho, difficult and demanding, things that you are not. Great sex is guaranteed for a few days, but eventually, she’ll pack her bags and leave, fed up with your bossy ways.

If you happen to be dining with the family of your sugar baby, which is a very distant possibility, do not waste the opportunity and try to hit upon her mother and anything else with a skirt on. Be overtly suggestive and touchy with them, and you will have your sugar baby screaming at you in fits of rage. No better premise to dump her and move on to your next conquest.

You could try impromptu dancing at the most unexpected of times, think Mr. Bean. It looks cute at first, but as the novelty wears off, as it is bound to after a while, you simply start to be an embarrassment for your sugar baby. And one thing that they cannot stand is a public embarrassment. Pretty soon you will have the dance floor all to yourself!

You could try crying after sex. No, hear this out. She might comfort you at first, get disconcerted later on, and finally ask you if you are in your right mind. No better premise to say that you feel like you’re losing it, and she’ll be up and running.

Being stingy is a great way to ruin a relationship with a sugar baby. Forego her allowance a couple of times, stating that you want to test the depths of her love for you. Now don’t be misled into thinking that she is into the relationship for your manliness and charm. She loves your money and once the flow stops, she will disappear into the horizon.

When your sugar baby wants you to li0sten to her, just pretend to turn a deaf ear to her ramblings. This will get her irritated and annoyed in no time at all, especially if you can keep up with the act for a few days. She is bound to leave you soon.

A sugar baby actually hates other women and friends of her age. So start acting real nice and sugary with them. This will make her fly into screaming frenzies when you are alone, and pretty soon, you will be free from the shackles of a suffocating relationship.

The above methods are quite unorthodox to tell you the truth. The only redeeming point about them is that they are mighty effective and much better than holding her hand and whispering softly that “it’s all over”. Try these the next time you are stuck with a sugar baby.

How to break up with your sugar baby (10 tips)
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