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over rating 4.4 The concept of this wonderful sugar daddy dating or normal dating site is fantastic and has gained great momentum for its unique features. Every day in our lives we pass through many people but have we ever thought about meeting or seeing them again. The app is uniquely designed with precise algorithm and helps you discover people who have crossed path with. While in coffee shop, in the theatres, in shopping mall or any place, we see people, like them and hope to see them again. The app is exactly what it does, helps us in finding people we saw and crossed path with.

The concept of the app is extremely different and mostly not based on random dating. It is more for those singles who cross path with someone and wish to meet them again. It makes it possible for you to find someone you saw and the power to meet them again through the app. The app will surprise you 100% unlike most of the sugar daddy dating app with its genuine match and findings. In this app, everyone time you cross someone in real life with the app, their profile shows up on the timeline.


Happn integrates the use of hyper-location in real time and offers a quality platform to date, meet people and mostly someone who have crossed paths or seen before. There are some outstanding features that make the app terrific and uber cool. It is not a sugar daddy app but something way better.

  1. Keeping location secret – It is possible to find out roughly where you crossed path with a member but location of the person is kept hidden. The precise location of where you crossed path is not exactly shown.
  2. No fake account – Happn is committed as dating app and never ever creates fake profiles. All the profiles in the app are completely genuine.
  3. Authenticity and Verification – Unlike most of the dating apps, it relies on authentic and verified information. Member should be above 18 years and proper verification is done.
  4. Choose easy – Want to cross paths with a particular member? Click the cross if you don’t want cross paths with him or her again in the app.
  5. Block – Don’t want to get in touch with someone and don’t want to see a person again, use the block feature.
  6. Send message – Crossed path with someone you like, break the ice by sending message and start a conversation.
  7. Cross counts – Every time you cross someone their profile shows up in your timeline. It gives the access to see number of times you crossed path with someone along with time and place, number of times you crossed.

Customer Service

Happn is completely dedicated to its customer and believe in complete customer service. Most of the users are happy and according to the sugar daddy apps reviews, the site is reviewed as one of the best and highly user satisfied site. It is easy to contact customer service of the app by simply connecting via Facebook.

Active Member

Most of the active members of Happn are people who are single and seeking to meet something they possible has crossed path with. In our daily lives we meet number of people and start to like someone, we hope to meet them again someday and this app makes the dream come true. It is very easy to start a conversation with people who find a match with. The active members are single men and women. If you like someone, you can continue liking them secretly unless mutual liking is not there from both ends. The active members can send crush to someone they like and let the other person know that they are interested.

It is used as sugar daddy app Android by people who want to keep meeting people they crossed path with. It has single men and women of all ages seeking to find a compatible relationship. With so many failures in relations and complexity, it is not possible to straight away for a relationship. The active members can start with crush and initiate a conversation, gradually takes thing and slowly develop a stronger. The members of the app are all seeking for a serious or casual companionship.


The sugar dating app free download can be done and the app sign-in is also absolutely free. In order to use the standard features like browsing through your timeline to see if you have crossed path with anyone, creating your profile, sending charms, sending message between crush etc. are allowed which helps in connecting people. Mostly in this app, the connection between two people happens based on the paths they have crossed along with selective mutual interest.

While registering for the app all the members get free pack of 10 credits which are used as charms in the app. They are used for send interest to members you like. However, the credits provided for free are limited but it is possible to buy the credits using real money. The credits cannot be purchased individually but as pack of multiple credits based on the prices application in Android store. Using the credits one can send charms to different members. The cost of the premium service for Happn is £ 1.49 for 10 credits or coins and £ 23.49 for 300 coins.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost important and Happn do take care of your privacy at all cost. Happn guarantee the security and safety of personal data and does not provide any information to any third party. The personal data of the member on his / her profile are only available to members they crossed path with. The purpose of collecting personal information is to increase connectivity between people. On taking the premium membership, payment has to be made and the transaction made is secured. The transaction is collected by OS platform and no transaction is processed by the app. The transactions are highly secured and encrypted.

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Happn Android App Review
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