Evaluating the Tinder iOS App

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over rating 4.5 Tinder is the fastest growing sugar daddy dating apps around. It has so far made over ten billion matches. As a result, Tinder has completely altered how people meet and form mutual relationships in this world. Similar to several other sites, Tinder connects sugar babies and sugar daddies and people who love partying. It is a super influential social networking tool that is popular among young college students and older adults. With this sugar daddy app, you can meet someone great when travelling, working or just relaxing.

You only have to download this app and add it to your iPhone or android phone. Once you do, it will be super easy to search for the best matches while on the go. If you like a given person, swipe your screen to the right. On the other hand, pass by swiping to the left. If they swap right too, you two like each other. It is extremely easy to use Tinder dating app, explaining why numerous people join the site every day.

After meeting someone you like, you should just go out with them and have fun. People even meet in groups to have a memorable party. To organize such a party, you should start a group chat in order to make plans. If you find an interesting group, simply hit the blue star. Alternatively, Swap Up to process a Super Like. Being a Tinderer is so much fun!

About Tinder

Tinder is among the most attention-grabbing apps. It has amazing premium features. Since it has worldwide users, you can connect with everyone that makes your hear skip a beat. It is perhaps the only app that offers a Rewind feature to give someone a second chance. Unlike some dating websites, Tinder provides an amazing rating system where a photo is analyzed and rated. Hence, as a Tinderer, you will get to know who likes you back. The Co-founder, Justin Mateen, confirmed that the app is downloaded about 10,000 to 20,000 times a day. He also said that about sixty percent of users log in daily, and several of them do it severally.


As soon as you download this sugar daddy app free tool for iPhone, you will notice that it has many features. Most of them are accessed only by premium members, though. Some of these include:

  • You can upload up to six photographs. Although you can use fewer photo spots, it is advisable to use all to give people a clear impression of yourself. Try to mix up different pictures, ensuring that they are most attractive you have taken.
  • Bio. Although writing a bio is not a must, it’s necessary to write it. You may write up to 500 words about yourself. It will improve your ability to meet a suitable match quickly. A short, easy and friendly bio is great. Don’t sound too picky; write wisely.
  • Tinder swiping to pick or pass a match. This feature is great as you only have to swipe your screen to the right or left.
  • Tinder Plus features can vary.
  • Find a match around the world. It is even possible to locate a match before you travel to a global destination for a vacation.
  • Rewind. This feature enables a user to rewind their last swipe. In other words, it allows them to check a profile they had previously passed again.
  • Super Likes. As a Tinder Plus user, you can send more Super Likes to a person. This will put you near the top of their queue of likes and they will see that you really like them. Like by tapping the blue star. If the person doesn’t swap right, it means they are not in to you.
  • Boost. This is received once every week. It means that Tinder will place your profile at the top of your specific area for half an hour. As a basic Tinderer, you can pay $2.82 to get a boost.
  • Turning off ads. This special feature enables users to stop ads they consider annoying. As a Tinder Plus user, you will be exempted from viewing ads.

Pricing and Subscriptions

One can choose to be an ordinary Tinderer on this sugar daddy app iPhone tool. However, all the Tinder Plus features described above will be unavailable. If you choose to buy Tinder Plus, the payment will be charged to your account for iTunes. If you don’t intend to pay again next month, ensure that you stop the auto-renewal a whole day before the end of your current subscription.

If you are a user who is below 30 years, you will buy the app subscription at 9.99 dollars per month. If you are older than 30 years, you will buy Tinder Plus subscription for 19.99 dollars per month.  As aforesaid, an ordinary user can buy a boost for 2.82 dollars to get to the top of their area searches for thirty minutes. If you buy ten boosts, you will be charged 1.85 dollars per boost.

How to set up a date using Tinder app

If you really like her or him, you can ask them out, definitely. Hence, the first thing you should do to set a successful date is to share your phone number. Ask him or her to give you their phone number so that you can add them to your WhatApp contacts. Chatting outside Tender is much quicker and more private. To land a beautiful or charming date, you must be willing to participate fully on a regular basis. First, ensure that you get Tinder Plus. Then, find out what a person is looking for before asking them out.


Tinder is among the most recognized and widely used sugar daddy applications. We really love it because you can do more than dating with it. If you just want to hook up with like-minded people for fun, just choose a suitable group and join it.

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Evaluating the Tinder iOS App
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