How to break up with your sugar baby (10 tips)

sugar baby dating appsChange is mandatory but survival is optional. This saying is very applicable to a sugar baby dating sugar daddy, and with the invasion of many a sugar baby dating app, sugar daddy dating is really taking off. However, remember that if you had secured your arm candy via a sugar baby dating app, things could quickly turn bad, because the two of you are introduced to each other in artificial settings, and naturally, the artificial behavior is the norm. If, at the end of the day, you feel that the relationship is getting to be too much for you to handle, here are 10 ways you can cope with the breakup.

If you are on the receiving side of the breakup, it is okay to let your sad emotions show. It is considered healthy to let grief take its own course when a relationship has ended. Console yourself with the fact that better late than never, and also that there are a lot of other eligible sugar babies out there. And anyway, at the beginning of the relationship, a sugar baby –sugar daddy coalition is a sort of agreement and not really a romantic one at that. It can be called a marriage of conveniences, and hence, you should break it off it gets too inconvenient for you.

You could try to be disgusting to her in order to speed up the breakup process. Gender politics are a sensitive topic and women feel strongly about it, be it your sugar baby or your mother. Try burping, farting, and blowing your nose in public. There are good chances that you can slowly make your sugar baby start despising you for your awful manners. Then again, you could try scratching your bum and then stroke her hair with the same hand, there never was a more potent passion killer than this and the best part is that you don’t have to leave her, she will.

Verbal tics can come in very useful as well. You could ask her in a casual manner if you use a certain word too often in your speech, and regardless of her answer, include that word in the very next sentence! Using it day in and day out, and week after week of it will get her wondering if she’s stuck with a moronic sugar daddy, and chances are high that she will dump you without ceremony.

You can also try to boss her around and crowd her out of your life. Now, this is a fine art and you have to make it look like it’s your natural behavior and not an act. Be extra macho, difficult and demanding, things that you are not. Great sex is guaranteed for a few days, but eventually, she’ll pack her bags and leave, fed up with your bossy ways.

If you happen to be dining with the family of your sugar baby, which is a very distant possibility, do not waste the opportunity and try to hit upon her mother and anything else with a skirt on. Be overtly suggestive and touchy with them, and you will have your sugar baby screaming at you in fits of rage. No better premise to dump her and move on to your next conquest.

You could try impromptu dancing at the most unexpected of times, think Mr. Bean. It looks cute at first, but as the novelty wears off, as it is bound to after a while, you simply start to be an embarrassment for your sugar baby. And one thing that they cannot stand is a public embarrassment. Pretty soon you will have the dance floor all to yourself!

You could try crying after sex. No, hear this out. She might comfort you at first, get disconcerted later on, and finally ask you if you are in your right mind. No better premise to say that you feel like you’re losing it, and she’ll be up and running.

Being stingy is a great way to ruin a relationship with a sugar baby. Forego her allowance a couple of times, stating that you want to test the depths of her love for you. Now don’t be misled into thinking that she is into the relationship for your manliness and charm. She loves your money and once the flow stops, she will disappear into the horizon.

When your sugar baby wants you to li0sten to her, just pretend to turn a deaf ear to her ramblings. This will get her irritated and annoyed in no time at all, especially if you can keep up with the act for a few days. She is bound to leave you soon.

A sugar baby actually hates other women and friends of her age. So start acting real nice and sugary with them. This will make her fly into screaming frenzies when you are alone, and pretty soon, you will be free from the shackles of a suffocating relationship.

The above methods are quite unorthodox to tell you the truth. The only redeeming point about them is that they are mighty effective and much better than holding her hand and whispering softly that “it’s all over”. Try these the next time you are stuck with a sugar baby.

How to break up with your sugar baby (10 tips)
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How to Use Sugar Babies Apps Step by Step?

There are many amazing dating apps out there meant for sugar daddy & sugar baby arrangements allowing attractive young women to meet rich, busy and experienced older men. The equation is simple, but the challenging part here lies in how exactly to use sugar babies app for getting what you want. This article provides a step-by-step guide on using these apps and the various things that you need to have in your mind to grab the best out of them.

To simplify your online sugar dating journey, we’ve compiled the process in five easy steps and these are explained below.

sugar babies play water

Step 1: Create A Good Account

What connects you with the various potential sugar daddies who are part of the dating app is the profile. Even before beginning a conversation, your match will have a look over the profile to understand whether you are the one they have been searching for or not. Thus, never overlook the importance of creating a good account.

To create an account with the sugar daddy dating apps you should:

  • Register with the app by providing the essential details
  • Take the compatibility test based on your interests and expectations
  • Work on the profile (profile picture, bio, hobbies and more)

The final product has to stand apart from the crowd and this is what will make your every moment spent on the app count.

Step 2: Analyze The Features of Dating App

The dating apps have their own set of features that make sugar dating experience as interesting as it can be. Once you are done with the profile section, the next step is to analyze the various features around and how advantageous they can be in your search for a potential match.

For example, a common feature of sugar babies apps is search filters that influence the kind of profiles that you will see. The filters are performed using:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Body Type
  • Interests
  • Relationship

Most of the apps offer a list of matches (based on the results of the compatibility test), which you can browse through and discover the right one.

Step 3: Eliminate The Not So Worthy Matches

A major step for finding a sugar daddy is to remove those who you think won’t be suitable for you. Eliminating them can refine the search to a dramatic extent and increase the chances of discovering an exceptional match too.

Step 4: Send Message To Potential Match

Stay active on the sugar baby apps and send text messages directly to those who seem to be the one. Wait for them to reply and then initiate conversation with them to see whether you’ve found the one that you had been looking for or not. Never judge too early, rather take your time, notice how things are moving and then decide what would be right.

Step 5: Check The Happening Section of App

Forums, blogs, and expert portals are some of the integral parts of sugar daddy apps that improve your online dating journey and makes it worthwhile.

How to Use Sugar Babies Apps Step by Step?
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How To Know If The Sugar Daddy Wants To Marry You?

Who doesn’t want a sugar daddy? For every woman out there is a sugar daddy waiting around the corner but it is getting to know the person which is the problem. A sugar daddy isn’t someone whom you will end up marrying. He is a guy who is going to help you pay your bills and have a good time with. You can find a number of such people at sugar daddy dating app. Plenty of men want a sugar baby and not a real girlfriend, they can be married or may just not just have time for dating or romance. They can also be great as financial advisors. But many sugar daddies are not exactly able to handle such a relation. Many sugar daddies might just end up wanting to marry you. Now how you to know if that is the case?

girl with sugar daddy

Overly sensitive

If your sugar daddy is interfering with every aspect of your life, then there is an affair chance that he has fallen for you and wishes to marry you. There can be aspects when it might even feel like a sugar daddy relation or something more serious. If that is the case, then it is safe bet that he wishes to marry you. Now there can be sugar daddies who are already married and the chances of this happening with them is less. However, there is always a chance. If you find the person is taking an active part in your day to day personal life, then you may just have to rethink the situation.

Fulfilling intimate romantic needs

If your sugar daddy is not only paying your bills but talking about being together for the rest of your lives, that is a clear indication that he is looking to marry you. This is a clear indication that he has fallen in love and wants to know if it is reciprocated. This kind of dynamics is totally different from a simple sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship. For instance, a sugar daddy will hardly ask you to go to a family event with them. If he is doing that then it is safe to say that he wants something more serious than a simple sugar relationship.

Spends lavishly without being asked to

If your sugar daddy is spending money on you, day in and day out without asking anything in return then it is another indication that he is more romantically involved than you are. A sugar relationship is not like that of a boyfriend and girlfriend as it is a much more materialistic concept. That is not the case anymore if he wishes to marry you. Take note of such incidents and see where they lead too. If in doubt, ensure that you ask him what it is. Many times people go through a hard time and do something which comes off as something else. It is always a good decision to ask him what he wants in regards to how things are going.

Communication is the key towards maintaining a relation of such kind so you need to make sure that both of you are in the same page. Talk it out and make sure that you know what you can pay back and how when you take the gifts. Go for reputed apps like sugar daddy app which will make sure that you find responsible sugar daddies. Such factors can be a break it or make it deal. A sugar daddy never gets too involved romantically as they know that the age difference is huge. It is best to remember such things since then sugar daddy with sugar baby relations works out.

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How To Know If The Sugar Daddy Wants To Marry You?
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Bumble iOS App Review

➄ Bumbledownload here free

bumble ios

over rating 4.4Bumble sugar daddy dating app is the talk of town now. It is the app that is redefining the rules of dating. If you are not on Bumble yet, you are missing a lot of fun. The app has successfully altered the gender roles in relationships. Here the girls talk first. Another big stride Bumble has made so far is combining friend-finding and social networking. On just their platform, you can swipe left and right and find potential dates and friends.

This dating app is also made for heterosexual oriented men and women. As a heterosexual female, you have only one day to make your first move to him and he has 24 hours to react. If you want to meet the same gender date, you have just 24 hours to make a move or to respond to a move made by another person. Bumble app and website are now open to all. Friends and those meeting same gender dates don’t have to wait for the lady to start a conversation.

Whether you are interested in meeting a friend or a partner, you can find them on Bumble website via the sugar daddy app. Bumble promises to continue supporting both genders regardless of their sexual orientation. Thus, you should just download their app and start meeting new people.

About Bumble

When Whitney Wolfe was cast out from Tinder, she made Bumble with the assistance of Andrey Andreev— Badoo’s co-founder. The most unique thing about this sugar daddy app free tool for dating is the fact that women must start a conversation. Although both guys and girls can swipe, only girls can make the first move. To connect with a person, just swipe your iPhone screen to the right. If they do the same, the two of you make a match. Unless both of you are of the same gender, it’s the girl who should break the ice. If she doesn’t say something in 24 hours, the connection will be removed for good.  As a guy, you are allowed to only show special interest in a match, but not to start a conversation.


Bumble has many beautiful features. Here is a list of those we managed to gather.

  • Photos – Every member can upload their photo on Bumble by just clicking on a camera icon on the upper area of the screen. Alternatively, you can import photos and other details from your Facebook account. You only have six photo spots. The main photo is the one viewed in the profile preview.
  • Backtracks – This feature is used when you accidentally swipe to the left, which means passing a profile. If you want to reconnect, you only have three backtracks to undo your decision. For more backtracks, promote Bumble on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Otherwise, you can only wait three hours to re-use your backtrack.
  • Girls talk first – As hinted earlier, girls choose whether or not to initiate a chat. If it doesn’t happen, you cannot hold a conversation with her.
  • Extend This Match – This feature is very useful to males. If a connection is almost expiring and a conversation has not been initiated, you can use Extend This Match to prolong it for another 24 hours. A single match can only be extended once.
  • Bumble boost – This feature is designed for those who have bought a subscription. It promotes the speed at which you can form new connections. As well, you can revisit your old connections that you feel you should have kept.
  • Quick and easy registration – Downloading and using bumble app is very simple and quick.

Pricing and subscriptions

The cost of optional subscription for Bumble Boost is as follows:

  • 7 days – $4.99
  • 30 days – $9.99
  • 90 days – $23.99
  • 180 days – $35.99

All payments are charged to iTunes accounts when a confirmation of purchase is made. If you don’t wish to buy a bumble subscription next time, just stop auto-renew 24 hours prior to the end date of your current subscription

Customer service

Whenever you need support on Bumble mobile app, just get in touch immediately. The service uses Facebook as their only Sign Up method. The reason for this is that Facebook information is easy to verify and ensure its accuracy. By verifying account holders’ data, Bumble team shows that its dedication and seriousness to make their app the best sugar daddy app around.  As well, the team solicits feedback from users and this shows its willingness to get everybody involved in this dating fun.


Although Bumble looks like a female-centric app, the owners candidly invite men too. Hence, it is one of the largely flocked dating apps of this century. As well, Bumble does something unique that most trusted sites do not do. It allows you to stay a free member and still enjoy using some of the top features it has created. The only feature you cannot use is Bumble Boost, which requires a subscription. If you don’t need someone so fast, you can keep on being a free use of this sugar daddy app iPhone dating tool. As well, if you like flirting with guys in real life, you might have maximum fun using this app. It gives girls the power to speak first. We do really support Bumble app, and we think it will become even better over time.



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Bumble iOS App Review
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Evaluating the Tinder iOS App

➃ Tinderdownload here free

tinder ios

over rating 4.5 Tinder is the fastest growing sugar daddy dating apps around. It has so far made over ten billion matches. As a result, Tinder has completely altered how people meet and form mutual relationships in this world. Similar to several other sites, Tinder connects sugar babies and sugar daddies and people who love partying. It is a super influential social networking tool that is popular among young college students and older adults. With this sugar daddy app, you can meet someone great when travelling, working or just relaxing.

You only have to download this app and add it to your iPhone or android phone. Once you do, it will be super easy to search for the best matches while on the go. If you like a given person, swipe your screen to the right. On the other hand, pass by swiping to the left. If they swap right too, you two like each other. It is extremely easy to use Tinder dating app, explaining why numerous people join the site every day.

After meeting someone you like, you should just go out with them and have fun. People even meet in groups to have a memorable party. To organize such a party, you should start a group chat in order to make plans. If you find an interesting group, simply hit the blue star. Alternatively, Swap Up to process a Super Like. Being a Tinderer is so much fun!

About Tinder

Tinder is among the most attention-grabbing apps. It has amazing premium features. Since it has worldwide users, you can connect with everyone that makes your hear skip a beat. It is perhaps the only app that offers a Rewind feature to give someone a second chance. Unlike some dating websites, Tinder provides an amazing rating system where a photo is analyzed and rated. Hence, as a Tinderer, you will get to know who likes you back. The Co-founder, Justin Mateen, confirmed that the app is downloaded about 10,000 to 20,000 times a day. He also said that about sixty percent of users log in daily, and several of them do it severally.


As soon as you download this sugar daddy app free tool for iPhone, you will notice that it has many features. Most of them are accessed only by premium members, though. Some of these include:

  • You can upload up to six photographs. Although you can use fewer photo spots, it is advisable to use all to give people a clear impression of yourself. Try to mix up different pictures, ensuring that they are most attractive you have taken.
  • Bio. Although writing a bio is not a must, it’s necessary to write it. You may write up to 500 words about yourself. It will improve your ability to meet a suitable match quickly. A short, easy and friendly bio is great. Don’t sound too picky; write wisely.
  • Tinder swiping to pick or pass a match. This feature is great as you only have to swipe your screen to the right or left.
  • Tinder Plus features can vary.
  • Find a match around the world. It is even possible to locate a match before you travel to a global destination for a vacation.
  • Rewind. This feature enables a user to rewind their last swipe. In other words, it allows them to check a profile they had previously passed again.
  • Super Likes. As a Tinder Plus user, you can send more Super Likes to a person. This will put you near the top of their queue of likes and they will see that you really like them. Like by tapping the blue star. If the person doesn’t swap right, it means they are not in to you.
  • Boost. This is received once every week. It means that Tinder will place your profile at the top of your specific area for half an hour. As a basic Tinderer, you can pay $2.82 to get a boost.
  • Turning off ads. This special feature enables users to stop ads they consider annoying. As a Tinder Plus user, you will be exempted from viewing ads.

Pricing and Subscriptions

One can choose to be an ordinary Tinderer on this sugar daddy app iPhone tool. However, all the Tinder Plus features described above will be unavailable. If you choose to buy Tinder Plus, the payment will be charged to your account for iTunes. If you don’t intend to pay again next month, ensure that you stop the auto-renewal a whole day before the end of your current subscription.

If you are a user who is below 30 years, you will buy the app subscription at 9.99 dollars per month. If you are older than 30 years, you will buy Tinder Plus subscription for 19.99 dollars per month.  As aforesaid, an ordinary user can buy a boost for 2.82 dollars to get to the top of their area searches for thirty minutes. If you buy ten boosts, you will be charged 1.85 dollars per boost.

How to set up a date using Tinder app

If you really like her or him, you can ask them out, definitely. Hence, the first thing you should do to set a successful date is to share your phone number. Ask him or her to give you their phone number so that you can add them to your WhatApp contacts. Chatting outside Tender is much quicker and more private. To land a beautiful or charming date, you must be willing to participate fully on a regular basis. First, ensure that you get Tinder Plus. Then, find out what a person is looking for before asking them out.


Tinder is among the most recognized and widely used sugar daddy applications. We really love it because you can do more than dating with it. If you just want to hook up with like-minded people for fun, just choose a suitable group and join it.

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Evaluating the Tinder iOS App
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Seeking Arrangement iOS App Review

➂ Seeking Arrangementdownload here free

seekingarrangement ios

over rating 4.5The best sugar daddy app is SeekingArrangement. This app belongs to one of the largest matchmaking websites available online. The website owners claim to have a community of more than four million people so far. What’s more, it says that its members are individually verified to reduce the problem of fake profiles. As well, SeekingArrangement’s members are top professionals.

Some are Chief Executive Officers while others are celebrities. If you love classy and refined dates, this is the best dating website for you. The cutest sugar babies looking for seriously loaded sugar daddies are here. On the other hand, the richest millionaires who want to spoil young and beautiful ladies with money and gifts are on Seeking Arrangement dating site. All you need is their sugar daddy app iPhone tool.

If you want to download a dating app that consists of background verified profiles alone, choose the SeekingArrangement app. All Diamond members’ profiles on this app had their net-worth, salary and identity confirmed when joining. It is claimed that the richest member has an average net income of more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Hence, if you are a cute sugar baby, there are several guys looking to meet you through this sugar daddy app.

About SeekingArrangement

If you are in need of some sugar love, join SeekingArrangement today via their app. As aforesaid, the website is so huge that it boasts over four million users. The site claims that a user could meet a person who suits their tastes and preferences within five days. What’s more, this is an exclusive site where sugar babies pocket around three thousand dollars every month. Additionally, the website allows space for gays and lesbian users. One thing is for sure though, sugar daddies are fewer than sugar babies. Currently the ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies is 8:1. So the sugar babies are competing for the best daddies on this website.


As soon as you download this app, there will be many features to enjoy. Here is a brief list.

  • The website provides the best features for in-depth people searches and for narrowing down your searches.
  • You can add the profiles you like to your Favorite, As well; you can see who made you their favorite and all who viewed you. Hence, it is easier to show and receive interest here.
  • All premium members are ranked higher in the search results. As a result, they don’t have to add a profile photo to send messages to those they fancy.
  • Sugar babies can send as many messages as they please.
  • All Diamond profiles are verified based on income and identity.
  • You can share private photos with preferred users.
  • You can get invites to a special SeekingArrangement party.
  • The app enables you to flirt as you go about your daily affairs.
  • There are very wealthy people for sugar babies to meet.

Pricing and subscriptions

If you want to get the best experience, you should buy one subscription that will make you a premium member. Here is a summary of the subscription pricing.

  • Wealthy Members
  • 7 Day Unlimited Access – 34.99 dollars
  • 15 Day Unlimited Access – 59.99 dollars.
  • 28 Day Unlimited Access – 99.99 dollars.
  • Attractive Member
  • 7 Day Unlimited Access – 14.99 dollars
  • 15 Day Unlimited Access – 24.99 dollars.
  • 28 Day Unlimited Access – 39.99 dollars.

How the site works

The site’s goals are clearly defined and there are simple and idiot-proof layouts. The profile itself is comprehensive and requires you to add the information on what you are searching for in a partner. Even if you are a sugar momma, you must state your net income worth, expected budget for your lifestyle and yearly salary.

As a sugar baby, you have to write down your list of desires, including the assistance level you require. You can ask for $1000 minimum and $10,000 maximum per month. If you are not sure of the amount you are seeking, just pick the Negotiable option. It is advisable to be upfront about your requirements whether you are a sugar daddy, sugar momma or sugar baby.  If you aren’t a premium user, requires you to add a profile photograph.

Customer service

The customer care service is clear straightaway as soon as you join this dating website through the most reliable sugar daddy dating app available. The representatives require you to be truthful about your physical characteristics, background and net worth. This is because this data is needed by others when using the advanced searches based on location, age, body type, height, eye color, income, lifestyle budget, ethnicity, education, hair color and other traits.

If you want to search by specific terms, such as exotic trips abroad, you could just do it. There is no discrimination when it comes to finding someone on Whether one is a gay, bisexual or straight lover, equal attention and support is provided by the customer care service of SeekingArrangement site.


SeekingArrangement is not an ordinary dating website. It is a huge website that is offering everything: love and mutual benefits. It is upon you to set your own terms. Once you do, the website will give you what you want. The verdict is that this sugar daddy app free site is great. It is, indeed, the best you can use. So just download it on iTunes.


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Seeking Arrangement iOS App Review
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Top Sugar Daddy Apps – Sudy iOS App Review

➁ Sudydownload here free

sudy ios

over rating 4.6Sugar daddy dating involves a relationship between an older, rich guy and a younger, beautiful girl called a sugar baby. The guy should give his sugar baby everything she desires in her life. In return, she should meet her sugar daddy’s emotional and physical needs. If you want to try this sort of dating, do it via the top sugar daddy app called Sudy. It belongs to the famous dating website known as Sudy.

Regarding the use of the Sudy app, you should first register on the Sudy website for free. Your registration will be confirmed with an email message. Once a confirmation is made, you will be able to access the website features fully. Use of Sudy’s dating service is not for free. There are subscriptions that we will list down shortly. All profiles are reviewed and verified before they enter the final validation step.

If you want to meet the richest and most mature sugar daddy, download the Sudy app first. On the other hand, if you want to meet single sugar babies from Europe, USA, UK, Australia or Canada, register with Sudy today. Then, download their sugar daddy app iPhone application. In no time, you will be meeting the sexiest young divas on earth.

About Sudy

This is a premium dating website for aspiring sugar daddies and sugar babies. The website has over two millionaires and beautiful girls, so far. The wealthy guys are in the best professions: law, medicine, entertainment, fashion design and entrepreneurship among others. As the population is huge, every participant is likely to meet the lover of their dreams.

If you want a relationship based on mutual benefit, Sudy is the most appropriate for you. Although most members come from the aforementioned nations, Sudy has members from more than one hundred nations. So far, the site has made over a million matches. Also, it has witnessed more than one hundred members doing dates.


To begin with, everybody is able to join the website for free. The process of joining is fast and easy. Once you complete the joining procedure, you have a chance to pry on other people’s profiles.

What is there for a sugar baby?

  • A certified sugar daddy with special verification of his income.
  • A successful and rich sugar daddy who can give you all that money can buy
  • A sugar daddy that is ready to spoil you. The person is mature and loaded enough to give you treats in luxuries shopping malls and to take you out for meals at expensive restaurants.
  • You could connect with a sugar daddy from anywhere on your iPhone device.

Features all members can enjoy

  • A convenient and downloadable app
  • When you want to find your match, just swipe to the right to indicate that you like him or her. If you want to pass a person, swap the screen to the left without getting seen.
  • Sharing and viewing great moments is quick and easy on this app. Just post when you please.
  • Meeting new people nearby is super easy and quick. The app simplifies the process of searching for someone beautiful.
  • Instant messaging is available. IM is great for sending messages to your sugar daddy or sugar baby.
  • You can send virtual gifts, chats or kisses.
  • There is a rating system in the photo section.
  • There is a discussion wall.

Pricing of the app

Sudy being the best sugar daddy app, you can expect that it is not fully for free. Thus, the site has a free subscription and a paid subscription. As well, the sugar babies and sugar daddies pay separate rates to obtain the full benefits of the dating service. Here is the outline.

  • Sugar babies

There are three subscriptions to choose from.

  • One Month Sudy Premium – 9.99 dollars
  • Three months Sudy Premium – 23.99 dollars
  • Six months Sudy Premium – 35.99 dollars.
  • Sugar daddies
  • One month Sudy Premium – 59.99 dollars
  • Three months Sudy Premium  – 119.99 dollars
  • Six months Sudy Premium – 179.99 dollars.

As you can notice, sugar daddies pay more than sugar babies and it is easy to understand why.

  • Notes about the subscriptions
  • All your payments will be charged to the iTunes account you use. If you don’t have iTunes, you will be able to register.
  • Unless you turn-off your auto renew at least twenty-four hours prior to the end of the present period, your subscription will renew automatically.
  • The iTune account will be charged for renewal within twenty-four hours before the end of the present period. The cost of renewal will be very clearly shown.
  • If you don’t want to renew, then turn off your auto-renewal feature via your account settings.
  • If using a free trial period and then purchase a subscription before the end of this duration, your unused days will be forfeited.

Customer service

If you want to ask anything about this app, just call the active Sudy dating website customer care. They are within reach throughout the day and night. As well, they assure you of your privacy and security when using their sugar daddy app free dating tool. The high success rate witnessed on this site is a clear sign that the management team offers resolute support.


Sudy dating app and site are your ultimate solution, if you want a rich sugar daddy or a beautiful sugar baby. The high matching rates the site claims to have are true, since there are over one million successful matches made so far. Sugar babies and sugar daddies are verified members who are willing and ready to chat and meet with you in person. Hence, this is the most recommended app for dating.



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Top Sugar Daddy Apps – Sudy iOS App Review
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Sugar Daddy Dating Apps – An Analysis of the Sugar Daddy Meet iOS App

➀ Sugar Daddy Meetdownload here free

sugar daddy meet ios

over rating starIf you want the best sugar daddy app for young girls looking to meet mature and wealthy men, install SugarDaddyMeet app today. The app is extremely popular, easy to use and affordable. Whether you are a super wealthy man looking for a young, lovely girl to spoil with money, or a smart and sexy girl looking to love a wealthy male, this app is the best.

The app gathers sugar daddies and sugar babies in one place. The wealthy and influential daddies from the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe are on SugarDaddyMeet. Keep in mind that the most respected professionals with good salaries, fame and luxury lifestyles are here. Thus, any college student looking to meet these kinds of men should download the app first.  One thing we love about this app is that it makes anonymous browsing possible.

Second, it makes communication with anybody you like so quick and easy. As a result, this is the ultimate website for girls looking for millionaires and guys looking to meet interesting singles who love to be spoilt with money. A great thing about SugarDaddyMeet app is that it enables you to arrange parties and events with those near you. To like someone, swipe your touch screen to the right and to the left if you want to pass them.

About SugarDaddyMeet

SugarDaddyMeet is a great sugar daddy app for sugar babies and sugar daddies who want a mutually beneficial affair. In other words, it ensures that each party has a chance to get what they desire from the other party. A website that has run for fourteen years now, SugarDaddyMeet is reputable. It is among the biggest dating sites with over a million people. Above all, the site has an app that has simplified networking a great deal.


Being a huge website, SugarDaddyMeet has many nice features for free and paying members. Joining is free for all members, of course, and the process is super quick. If you choose to pay nothing, you will be a free member. Otherwise, you can get a premium membership. Here are the features to expect:

Standard/free membership

  • A lifetime profile with photos, videos and texts.
  • Privacy settings to control who could view your profile.
  • Free searches and messaging services
  • Accept live chat invitation from gold members or free ones.
  • Read and reply to messages from all suitors.
  • Access to millionaire dating blogs and other exciting features.

Gold membership

  • You will get a Sugar Daddy certification from SugarDaddyMeet app owners. This could boost your profile, especially, because all your data will be confirmed and true.
  • Use advanced search tools with filters such as income, keywords, location, and others.
  • Start sending emails to those you fancy.
  • A chance to check if your emails were read
  • Start online chats
  • Show up at the top of the website searches to increase your chances of meeting someone.
  • Highlight and prioritize a listing in search results and emails.
  • There are over forty other features designed for premium members alone.

Pricing and Subscriptions

As aforesaid, this sugar daddy app free dating tool is either paid or free. If you want to enjoy it fully, just buy one of the following subscriptions.

  • 1-month Subscription at $64.99.
  • 3 months subscription at $99.9
  • 6 months subscription $159.99

The site indicates that all prices are in the U.S currency and may vary according to your country of origin. As well, it says that the pricing could change without a notice. All payments will be charged to your iTunes account after the purchase is confirmed.  You should stop your auto-renew about 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.

Customer service

A good customer service is something many of us look forward to. As soon as you download the SugarDaddyMeet app, the team will provide full-time support services to you. If you need mobile support, it will be within reach when you download an app for Android or iOS. Furthermore, you can always find an answer to your questions on the site’s Frequently Asked Questions section. Moreover, there is a 24-hour technical support service provided to all users. There is a phone service line and a live person to reply all emails.


We are so extremely impressed with this Sugar daddy app iPhone application. As you are always with your mobile phone, you should consider finding your dates via SugarDaddyMeet app. All you need to do is to download it. Once you do, you will join over a million users who are on this dating app daily. If you subscribe, you will heighten your chances of meeting a suitable sugar baby or sugar daddy. The right thing to do is to keep your aims straightforward. As soon as you do it, there are so many people who will read your profile and express their interest in getting to know you better. So, our verdict is that this is one of the top sugar daddy dating apps available to you.


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Sugar Daddy Dating Apps – An Analysis of the Sugar Daddy Meet iOS App
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